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Lassen/Oregon House

Lassen National Park

Lassen National Park
August 22 - Sept 3, 2010

Kings Creek Meadow

Watched trail work on Mt Lassen
Rocks being brought in by helicopter

Hiked to Crumbaugh Lake

The dreaded squirrel that got into the RV and chewed things in it's quest to make a nest.

Spent the day looking for how he got in.

Hiked to Bumpass Hell
to see the thermal area


He's baaaack!
Spent another day trying to find and block the places he is using to get into the RV


Kayaked Butte Lake with it's lava flows and interesting scenery.


Oh No!  We thought we stopped him but he's back AGAIN.


Evening at Reflection Lake


Manzanita Lake


Oregon House

camp in Loop G

Stayed at the
Lake of the Springs
Thousand Trails camp

Oregon House, CA

Sept 3 - 14, 2010

camp in Loop X

Kayaking near the tules

Great Blue Heron

Gail caught a fish

Spotted Sandpiper

We had a great time

Lake of the Springs

Wood Ducks

Kayaking to the inlet

Wood Ducks