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Sweetwater Summit
 Nevada 2007

We visited with the "Desert Rats" at Sweetwater, NV
June 2-7, 2007

We took some side trips through the desert.  On this one we even found some petroglyphs.

The winds came up so about 20 of us piled into Larry and Marjo's RV while Ed and Stan gave prizes that were found in the desert to each person along with a little story.

The weather was very changable.  Temperatures for that week went from around 88 to 16 degrees.

It even snowed on the day we were to have a group dinner.  Dishes were divided up and delivered through the falling snow to 3 RV's where we ate and watched the snowfall.

We enjoyed music in the desert.  Jim and Ed played trumpets one day.  Ed played his keyboard on several occasions and here Larry is playing the uke.